Khangai - Nomadays

Khangai is one of the sums of the province of Arkhangai. It was created in 1931 and covers an area of 4400 km² (1698,85 square miles). It's composed of six villages (Ar Bayasgalan, Noyon Khangaï, Terkh, Chandmani, Bayan-Ulaan, Gichgene). It's located in the most mountainous part of the Arkhangai, and many massifs of the Natural Reserve of Noyon Khangai are located inside the sum : Mounts Tsagaan Asgat, Tsakhir Khairkhan, Teel, Terkh and Gichgene. Many rivers cross this isolated and little visited area. More than 3000 metres above the sea level, we can find a very rare flower, the "snow lotus", and also wolves and many species of birds such as eagles, cranes, ducks, bearded vultures, swans, partridges.

In this sum, we work with many breeders belonging to the Ar Arvijin Delgerekh yaks breeders cooperative. They propose to small groups to discover the different activities bound to yaks breeding and other nomadic activities.