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Sain bain uu! Ahhh Mongolia, its wide open spaces, its forests, its Gobi desert and its nomadic culture! Many dreams but few dare to try the adventure. Why not take the step with Horseback Mongolia?


Created in 2006, the Horseback Mongolia agency was born from an unexpected encounter between Sylvain, a young French man who is passionate about travel and Amuka, a Mongolian eager to discover the world. Together, they united their knowledge and love for Mongolia and embarked on the Horseback adventure! Since then, the French agency has been able to rely on a close-knit team made up of fifty or so French-speaking guides and as many English-speaking guides who are specialists in the field and trained to meet all your needs.


Horseback Mongolia for trips closer to nomadic life

Initially focused on horseback riding in Mongolia, for which she remains the specialist, the horseback travel agency Mongolia has been able to diversify to meet growing demand. Today it offers a wide range of circuits from the "classic" discovery tour to expeditions and hiking. With more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of the field, Mongolia has no secret for the Horseback team that refines each year its circuits to offer you the best.


The human being at the heart of the journey

In constant contact with nearly one hundred nomadic pastoral families, Horseback Mongolia is the promise for all travelers to discover nomadism and to share strong and unique moments with the nomadic families of Mongolia.


"Here, we are not in the consumption of the journey, but in the human experience.The traveler who goes to the discovery of the steppes of Mongolia will discover, in addition to the sumptuous landscapes of the country, a people proud of the secular culture, and it is the human who will be at the heart of the journey that is more like a life experience here. " - Sylvain


You can confidently entrust the organization of your custom tour to the Horseback team or join one of the small groups on a confirmed departure.


But why Mongolia?

"I traveled to Mongolia for the first time in 2003, and still today when I'm in the yurt with a family of breeders in the middle of the steppe, I feel privileged to be in contact with this people. " - Sylvain


Traveling Mongolia, by truck, on foot or on horseback, is a unique travel experience that touches something fundamental among travelers. All codes are jostled and it is in total harmony with nature that the traveler will become aware of all the beauty and wealth of the country. We do not remain indifferent after such an immersion, to go to Mongolia with Horseback is the insurance to really understand what the word travels means.


"Our greatest pride is when our travelers are upset about their trip, because in the time they have been given, they have managed to touch the soul of the Mongolian people. touching the human experience is beautiful and moving with this country. " - The Horseback Mongolia Team

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Oulan Bator Chingeltei District - Khoroo 1, 2nd 40K, Apt 38, Door 1 Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia
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Our travellers reviews

The bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment.
Huguette Sauret wrote on February 13 2019

A dash of the Mongolian highlights

The landscapes, the Mongolian welcoming and their way of life so far from our over-consumer society dazzled us, and also the Naadam celebrations… Our trip was tailor-made by Sylvain Recouras with much listening and understanding. Our French-speaking guide was lovely and very interesting.

We particularly enjoyed life among nomads despite rather rustic conditions. The defining moment was definitely the Naadam, and especially horse racing. And is it luck, or is it more usual than what guides normally say, but we had no incident at all, neither technical with the car, nor any other. We just can recommend this agency to anyone wishing to go to Mongolia.

Annie & François Lelandais wrote on February 13 2019

A yurt story

For our nine-month self-sufficient trip with eight countries to visit, we called on Horseback Adventure for a North - South crossing of Mongolia. Back in France, all our friends ask the same question “Which country most left its mark on you?” and we invariably answer Mongolia.

Our three-weeks trip with Bayaraa, endearing guide knowing very well the rural culture of his country, and Yatma, our so kind driver, were extraordinary. Varied landscapes, unexpected encounters, very kind thoughts during the pony treks, putting up a ger, the food, the sleeping equipment… All was on top, and even more if we compare to the other experiences of our trip. Sylvain gave us excellent advice about the choice of our itinerary, regarding to our strong expectations.

Maita Geismar wrote on February 13 2019

A dash of the Mongolian highlights

Great trip, maybe the most enriching trip I had the good luck to do until now. The different landscapes turned out to be exceptionally beautiful. The horsemen were attentive, watchful and very welcoming; memorable evenings singing and dancing by the fireside…

In short, it’s impossible to summarise the trip in a few lines, it was just fabulous and we’re dying to come back to Mongolia.

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