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uushigiin ovor deer stones

Uushigiin Övör’s deer stones are engraved with deer and stars, and they date back from Bronze Age. They’re located twenty kilometres west Mörön. It’s a funeral combination composed of graves and fourteen granite steles, decorated with deer in their upper part.

They are between 2 and 4 metres (6,5 – 13 feet) high and 0,5 metres (1,6 feet) wide. In symbiosis with the natural environment, these huge sculpted stones stand in the middle of the steppe like marvellous accounts of past and of the people who came in this area thousands of years ago. These steles delimit sacred spaces and represent living beings lying, particularly animals. They are still respected and feared.

We also find other objects, such as belts, bows, quivers, knives or shields.