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Motorbike ride with Royal Enfield

Mongolia and bike riding have an intimate relationship : the vast grassland gives you total control and freedom over your motorbike on the beautiful roads of the country. We offer you a bike tour riding Royal Enfield 500, as a result of a partnership with Vintage Rides.

The Royal Enfield are vintage bikes made for the lovers of fine piece of engineering. These legendary bikes obtained a cult status and will forever stay in the heart of their riders. With their new 500cc engines, we add pleasure to power for the ride. Their seats are confortable, and no hotspots are to be find even on long trips. The brakes respond very well, and engage for a very safe journey too. We upgraded the suspension making lower vibrations, this especially is to be appreciated knowing the often chaotic quality of the roads found in Mongolia. Even if it is possible to get a speed of 120 kmph on paved roads, general speed would be from 80 to 90 kmph on the best conditions and from 20 to 40 kmph off-roads, the trails are difficult especially while crossing rivers, for example.

During our tour, you will be joined by:

  • A westerner professional guide, both english and french speaking person that is trained for managing group of riders, and knows the best Mongolian terrain. We will always recommend to follow his judgment/instinct, especially regarding safety matters.
  • Another vehicle that carries all the necessary equipment and spare parts
  • A mongolian mechanic, who is experienced with Royal Enfield since 2013 and trained by western professionals.