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Khyargas Lake

It is located in the district of Khyargas, province of Uvs, at an altitude of approximately 1025m above see level. From its size of 75km long by 31km large, it is considered the second main lake on the west part of Mongolia, being one of the 4 lakes in Mongolia that have a surface area of over 1000 km². The average depth is 50m. It is a salt lake, in contrast with the fresh water found in the Khusvgul lake, the biggest of the country. One thing to note is this major salty lake is coming partly from another one small named Airag lake, which is a freshwater one.

It is part of an ecosystem that has been preserved by the authorities, and considered as a National Natural Park. A preservation program was launched in 2000, covering an area of about 3,328 km². Classified as The Great Lakes Basin by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), it has become a priority and unique terrestrial ecoregion.

Besides its beauty, one other feature of this lake is providing a lot of activities around. You can for example do some fishing, where you will find some unique varieties of fish like the herrings of Altai and Nokhoi, or the pikes. Observation of birds is also possible around the lake, as lots of migratory and nomadic birds are gathering. Of course a true Mongolian experience implies visiting nomadic families, horse and camel riding, and play different games like the ankle bone.