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Alag tsar gers camp

Alag Tsar Camp is located on the Southeast bank of Lake Khovsgol, in the area called Alag Tsar. This bank of the lake has less infrastructures than the Southwestern bank. Many plains, peat bogs and forests surround the camp, which is perfect for hiking and pony treks.


The name "Alag Tsar" comes from the "Alag Tsar" River that has its source in Mount Yargis and flows in Lake Khovsgol ; the camp is located at the mouth of the river. The Alag Tsar River is renowned for being a paradise for the fishermen, because of its great variety of freshwater fishes. The forests that surround Alag Tsar Camp are full of wild berries, flowers and plants, which will delight the botany lovers.


The camp has 36 yurts fully furnished (each one of them has 3 beds) and 6 chalets. Water closet, showers, billiard and tennis tables are at the service of the customers. The restaurant can welcome 60 persons.

From the camp, many activities are proposed :