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Established since 2012 in Antananarivo, Détours Madagascar is the reference agency for French-speaking travelers in Madagascar
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Salama e! Madagascar, the continent island is a land of contrast where there is a mosaic of colors. Its varied landscapes, spectacular geological formations, endemic flora and fauna and diverse ethnic groups make the Red Island a curious destination of undeniable wealth.

To discover the secrets of Madagascar, go safely with the agency Détour Madagascar, born from the love of a man for the trip and the Big Island. Sylvain Philip, a long-term guide, has launched this agency to promote sustainable forms of travel, with respect, curiosity and discretion. Established in Antananarivo, Détour Madagascar is a 100% local agency on a human scale. Her team, expert of the field, will drive you through an authentic Madagascar during a responsible trip.

Sylvain accompanied during his beautiful years many expeditions across Africa and its deserts. He describes himself as a Guide and a pioneer. Explorer by nature, he has a special attraction for the implementation of expeditions, complex logistics in difficult areas, for travelers but also for scientists, naturalists, documentary filmmakers, crisis managers ... It is therefore no surprise that the proposed itineraries are personalized to the nearest of your desires and your projects even the most unusual.

Each trip to Madagascar is fashioned with passion and tailor-made. The organized tours are a reflection of the agency's commitment to make travelers discover Madagascar differently, explore it with reason by going to meet what makes the amazing diversity of the island.

The peregrinations mix the respect of the host, the gentle discovery of specific cultures, colored by a spirit of adventure suited to each. Through this collection of unique experiences, the Détour Madagascar team is putting all its expertise to work on crafted routes with patience and passion.

They also work for the enhancement and protection of the exceptional diversity of Madagascar, jewels of the Indian Ocean.

"Together, we give meaning to your travels, all in a responsible way." Sylvain Philipp


Why Madagascar?

The Island of a thousand facets: in the East, an exuberant tropical forest source of life; on its highlands, the serenity of its rice fields; rather to the west, the mystery of its karst peaks of Tsingy; head to the north, perfumed paradisiac islands of Ylang-ylang; all along its coast, the simplicity of its villages of sinners and wherever you go, the Malagasy welcome you with a smile and great kindness.

A jewel of nature: the Big Island is a real "hotspot" of biodiversity.

A very singular richness, all the lemurs are endemic, the majority of the birds do not exist anywhere other than Madagascar ... 90% of the plants on the Island are unique: citing only the baobabs and the orchids.

An authentic destination: Its population is a complex mosaic unified around a genuinely Malagasy value system. And his culture is as original as it is engaging.

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The reviews of our travelers

Our greatest reward, make you discover and love Madagascar
Nazan EROGLU wrote on October 30 2019


We really want to say thank you for everything!

The whole planning, the professional way of your dealing with everything, your kindness and your help there (luggage). Nicole was also such a great guide. She always tried to make us feel good and safe. The whole week was great organized and full of nice experiences for us. We really enjoyed our time and I will definitely recommend Detours Madagascar to friends!

Maybe we will book other tours for next year.

Sonja CLARYSSE wrote on September 03 2019

Madagascar discovery From west to Eeast

We want to say thank you for a marvelous holiday! We did have a great time and really loved Madagaskar and its people very much!!

First of all we want to say thank you for a marvelous holiday! We did have a great time and really loved Madagaskar and its people very much!! Thank you also for keeping our souvenirs and transporting them for us! We really appreciate this. 

The whole trip was really good organized, everything worked out. 👍 Only when they forgot us in Tamatave, but thanks to your good and fast reaction (in the middle of the night) everything still worked out fine.

(...) We were really happy with your work, thank you so much!!!❤️

David wrote on February 12 2019


I had an amazing time in Madagascar. We were warmly greeted on arrival at the airport and had a fantastic trip.

The landscape across Madagascar is so varied and beautiful, it was nice to be able to drive through and see. We ended our trip in Ifaty in a lovely beach resort. It was the perfect way to relax after all the hiking and we made a couple of extra excursions snorkeling and to the baobab forest.

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