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Established since 2010 in Mekong, Laos Mood will make you discover Laos passionately
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Sabaidee! A country with a million elephants punctuated by the course of the Mekong, Laos seduces with its natural nonchalance, its Buddhist heritage, the beauty of these highlands of the north and the smile of its inhabitants.


On October 10, 2010 Laurent, Jean-Yves, Vanhpakai and Laurent, two French and two Laotians embarked on the adventure Laos Mood. Living forever or for several years in Laos, everyone has developed an intimate love with Laos. With a diverse experience in the country, it is together that they united to share their passion and offer Laos as a unique destination. Eager to discover the country on a local scale, Laos Mood works with Lao experts and expatriates who are equally different from each other across the entire country in the plains and mountains, in the city and in the countryside. along roads as along streams.


Laos Mood is committed to authenticity and is committed to providing responsible tourism and innovative and rewarding experiences that go far beyond traditional tours. With more than 50 years of experience with receptive travel agencies, the Laos Mood team has developed an expertise and knowledge of the terrain that they share with great pleasure with all travelers. Thus, the proposed tours are refined regularly according to new discoveries and can be customized according to the desires and needs of each.


Why choose Laos?

"Laos, a small landlocked country in the heart of Asia, as so many guides say, is in fact a unique destination that is self-sufficient to amaze and captivate the visitor from a few days to a few weeks.


Here, no bling, rhinestones and glitter, but on the contrary a pleasant and authentic timidity that is seen through smiles, a pleasant simplicity. Beautiful exchanges, beautiful encounters in perspective.


Here, no rush, frantic races, but on the contrary a nonchalance that only reinforces the quiet rhythm of your stay to remind you "stop, we slow down, we are on vacation, we rest".


Here, no beaches with idyllic colors certainly, but more than 50 shades of green between rice fields, tropical forests and other lush plants that make the country a nature destination par excellence to discover during a hike, a kayak trip, Mountain bike or during a tree climbing between canopy and waterfalls.


No tall buildings and streets cluttered with traffic, but alleys slipping between Mekong, old houses, pagodas and village life while consuming modernity in all moderation. "

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