Adventure at the Kel-Suu Lake

This is a one week program, off the beaten paths. You’ll see majestic natural spots and stay in yurts. Travel to an isolated region, to meet the few shepherds living in Son Kul Lake. Then head towards the caravanserai of Tash Rabat, before going to an even emptier and wilder region, the Kel-Suu Lake. This natural wonder with its turquoise water is a hidden gem.

This program is available from mid-June to mid-September.

4h 20m-200km

Day 1The green valley of Suusamir

Bishkek - Kyzyl-Oi

  • Your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 9 a.m. You will head towards the splendid Suusamyr Valley, where you will have lunch.

  • We then take a dirt road to the small village of Kyzyl-Oi. We follow the great Kekemeren River, where landscapes gradually change colors and take on a bright red tone. Once we reach the village, you can go for a walk in the surroundings.

Meal and accommodations
Lunch: Prepared by your team
Dinner: Guest house
Accommodation: Guest house

Day 2 - 3The Son Kul Lake

Kyzyl-Oi - Son Kul lake

  • We continue our Kyrgyz adventure on a stunning road to Son Kul Lake. The road zigzags in a gorge, before climbing up to the Karakeche Pass at 3389 m altitude. We then reach Kyrgyzstan’s marvel, Son Kul.

  • We arrive on the shores of Son Kul Lake. This huge alpine lake is an important water reserve in Kyrgyzstan. Nestled in the celestial mountains, it is located at 3016 m (9895 ft) above sea level. Its crystal clear water changes colors depending on the weather, which can change every hour. The lake takes on blue, turquoise and sometimes even orange colors. It hosts nomadic shepherds and their herds in the warm months of summer.

Day 3

  • You can enjoy the day, relax, and discover the daily life of our host family. You might be lucky enough to attend the production of Kumys, the local mare milk, or see how shepherds gather their herds.

    You can also go for a small horseback riding adventure near the lake after lunch.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Guest house (2)
Breakfast: Homestay (3)
Lunch: Prepared by your team (2)
Lunch: Homestay (3)
Dinner: Homestay
Accommodation: Yurt Homestay

Day 4Tash Rabat’s Caravanserai

Son Kul lake - Tash Rabat

  • Today, we travel in time with our visit of the Tash Rabat caravanserai. Located on the road to Khasgar, China, this stone hotel is one of the best preserved monuments of the Silk Road. You’ll be able to feel the original atmosphere of this merchant spot when exploring the caravanserai. In the 15th century, it had many rooms to host the traveling merchants, and sometimes their animals.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Homestay
Lunch: Local restaurant
Dinner: camp
Accommodation: camp

Day 5A wild and isolated lake : Kel Suu

Tash Rabat - Kel-Suu

  • This morning, we leave to Kel Suu Lake. We head to the south via Chatyr Kul. We drive on a mountain road and cross a wooden bridge, before arriving in the Kel Suu Valley. We’ll have to cross a river too, if the weather is good enough.

    As we get closer to the Chinese border, we’ll pass by a control point and have to register.

    We then arrive at our camp, where we’ll spend the night.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: camp
Lunch: camp
Dinner: camp
Accommodation: camp

Day 6Back to Naryn

Kel-Suu - Naryn

  • After breakfast, we go explore the beauty of this mysterious and enchanting wild landscape. We take a horse to the Kel Suu Lake. Nestled at 3514 m altitude (11529 ft) between steep cliffs and caves, the lake has charming turquoise water.

  • We take the road back to Naryn. The journey is a little easier, with only one pass to cross. We meet shepherds and their yaks on the way to the city.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: camp
Lunch: camp
Dinner: Baktigul
Accommodation: Baktigul
1h 40m-120km
3h 30m-200km

Day 7Kyrgyz culture

Naryn - Kotchkor

  • We take the road to Bishkek, where we’ll arrive in the evening. On the way, we stop by the village of Kochkor, famous for its local tourism development initiatives. We visit a women’s association where they make felt rugs (sherdaks) and other handicraft.

  • Then we’ll get to see a traditional Kyrgyz music concert. The program includes the performance of a Manaschi, as well as national instruments and songs.

Kotchkor - Bishkek

  • Finally, we arrive in Bishkek. Drop-off at your hotel where you’ll be able to rest.

  • We finish our trip with a visit of the Osh Bazar, one of the most fascinating markets in Kyrgyzstan. Enjoy the colors and the smells coming from stands of dry fruits and spices. You can also buy a few traditional souvenirs to bring home.

Meal and accommodations
Breakfast: Baktigul
Lunch: Local restaurant
duration 7 days. International flight not included.

from 700€ (per person)

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