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Established since 2011 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz'What? will make you discover Kyrgyzstan passionately
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Salamatsyzby! And welcome to Kyrgyz land, the land of the celestial mountains. Nestled in the middle of the high mountains of Central Asia, this quiet little republic is a little jewel for travelers seeking adventures off the beaten path and great hikes. Barely open to tourism, Kyrgyzstan offers a mix of Ottoman culture and nomadic shepherds of the great steppes of Central Asia.


Kyrgyz'What? was born of a marriage between the Beikoun agency created by Alina in 2011 and the Horseback Adventure agency which organizes trips to Mongolia since 2006. Alina is first of all a French-speaking Kyrgyz guide who worked for more than 10 years for different local agencies and other French tour operators. With her experience and great love of the traditional culture of the shepherds of Kyrgyzstan, she decided to develop her own tours closer to people and promoting contacts with local people. Very sensitive to the development of solidarity tourism that was not yet widespread on the Kyrgyz Earth, she organized her first tours in line with her aspirations.


Unfortunately, if she has a perfect command of travel arrangements in Kyrgyzstan, she has great difficulty in making herself known to the French-speaking public. and it is precisely by seeking help that she accidentally contacts Sylvain, the head of the Horseback Adventure agency in Mongolia. Avid to discover other lands Sylvain goes to discover with her Kyrgyzstan. A trip, then a second, will be enough to convince him to invest in the adventure and to love in Kyrgyzstan as much the similarities with Mongolia as its differences


Kyrgyz'what?, But what a strange name!

Kyrgyzstan is a country still very poorly known by travelers and it is with astonishment that we realize that few people know this destination. At the mention of this name "stanza" we often hear people say: Kyrgyz ... what? So we decided to have fun of this bad knowledge of this little republic of Central Asia by creating the name of our agency and to definitively help the travelers in search of adventures to place Kyrgyzstan on the map of the countries to be discovered without later!


Whether you are looking for a tailor-made tour for you and your tribe, or would like to join a small group of travelers, Emelyne, your customer advisor, will be happy to propose a solution adapted to your stock market and your desires. So do not hesitate, Kyrgyzstan is the destination of Central Asia to discover without delay.

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Our greatest reward, to discover and love the Kyrgyzstan for you.
Luka Shnaps wrote on February 12 2019

Climbing Peak Lenin

I had a wonderful trip with Alina, who proved to be a first-rate guide. Thanks to her services, we were able to discover the wonders of Kyrgyzstan and take in the culture of this beautiful country. A big thank you to you Alina!
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