Why you should choose Kyrgyzstan for your next vacation

Apr 09 2020

Planning your next trip? Then you should definitely think about going to Kyrgyzstan to enjoy a unique adventure. Kyrgyzstan is a land of mountains and hiking that unveils many surprises. Its large open spaces and fantastic landscape make it an ideal destination for nature lovers. Here are 18 reasons why you should book a trip to Kyrgyzstan for your next break:  


1- Because it’s little known

Going to an unknown land is always exciting, and you’ll probably be proud to be the first of your friends to explore Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country to travel to, with breathtaking landscapes, wild nature, high mountains and an amazing culture, yet it’s still very little known and visited. When you’ll tell your family that you’re leaving for Kyrgyzstan, they’ll probably answer “Kyrgyz what?” So enjoy!


2- Because it isn’t very far

Going to Kyrgyzstan from Europe doesn’t actually take that long. With a stop in Moscow or Istanbul, it takes about 10 to 15 hours only. And most flights fly during the night so you’ll already have landed in the morning and won’t waste too much time in the airplane!


3- Because it isn’t very expensive

A trip to Kyrgyzstan isn’t very expensive. Local life is much cheaper than in Europe and you’ll be able to afford a lot of wonderful activities within your budget.


4- Because it will amaze you

Kyrgyz nature is a real heaven on earth! Kyrgyzstan has splendid and very well preserved landscapes. And also a great diversity of different landscapes, including high mountains at 7000m, glaciers, lakes, beaches, green valleys, dry canyons… Keep your eyes wide open!


5- Because it has the Issyk Kul Lake

This huge lake surrounded by snowy mountains is considered as the second largest mountain lake in the world. With its transparent water that reaches 700m depth, it’s the ideal place to relax and take a swim. And it’s surrounded by beautiful valleys that are perfect for hikes and treks. A trip around Issyk Kul Lake is great for everyone!


6- Because it also has the Skazka Canyon

You don’t need to go to the USA to see the Grand Canyon! Kyrgyzstan has many interesting red, yellow and orange rock formations, including in its famous Skazka (Fairy Tale) Canyon. It may be a small country but it has the prettiest landscape from around the world!


7- Because you’ll meet very welcoming people

A trip to Kyrgyzstan is also a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and share warm moments with the local population. The Kyrgyz are known as being very kind and welcoming, and they’ll be more than happy to help you around and show you their traditions.


8- Because you’ll discover incredible traditions

Kyrgyzstan has an incredible culture inherited from its nomads. If you come during national celebrations like Nowruz or Independence Day, you’ll get to see interesting nomad games like the Kok-Boru (buzkachi).


9- Because local food is delicious

Going to Kyrgyzstan is also a great opportunity to taste local cuisine. Some specialties may be a little surprising, like the kumis, mare milk, but there are delicious meals for meat-lovers especially: manty, plov or samsas, to name a few.


10- Because you’ll get to see a lot of wild animals

Amid yaks, sheep, horses and goats, Kyrgyzstan is a wild country where you’ll be able to see many rare animals, including, if you’re lucky, a snow leopard. You’ll also probably spot a few wild camels and marmots while traveling in the country.


11- Because it’s (almost) always sunny

The weather in Kyrgyzstan is quite dry and it gets pretty warm from May to September. Up to 40C in the cities, the summer can get a little too hot but as soon as you leave Bishkek it gets cooler and more pleasant. And if you go high in altitude you may even get to see snow in the summer!


12- Because you can go skiing

More than 90% of the Kyrgyz territory is covered by mountains, which makes it an ideal destination to go trekking but also for skiing in the winter. The Karakol Ski Station is the largest resort in the country, but there are also many places where you can go cross-country skiing or freeriding.


13- Because it’s great for hiking

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best places to visit if you want to hike. The entire country can be explored on foot. There are amazing hikes and treks to do, all showing different landscapes that include steppes, pastures, mountains, lakes, forests…  


14- Because you can go horseback riding

Kyrgyzstan is also a great place to go horseback riding. Nomads have always used horses to get around and in the villages, Kyrgyz still ride horses on a daily basis. So if you want to learn to ride a horse for a few hours, or go on a multiday horse adventure in isolated valleys, there’s no better place than Kyrgyzstan! It’s also the perfect way to live the real nomad life...


15- Because you can spend the night under a yurt

During your trip in Kyrgyzstan, you’ll have the chance to sleep under a real nomadic yurt. These are portable houses in felt that the Kyrgyz nomads have been using for generations, to move from one valley to another with their herds. A great way to spend an original night, enjoy the silence of nature and stare at the Milky Way.


16- Because you can camp in an exceptional place

You can camp anywhere you want in Kyrgyzstan, and it’s so pleasant to wake up in the morning with a view on unexplored mountains or near a beautiful lake like the Ala Kul Lake


17- Because there aren’t too many tourists

It’s always so pleasant to travel and discover wild landscapes without being inside a crowd of tourists. You can enjoy the tranquility of nature and the friendliness of locals at its fullest.


18- Because you really shouldn’t wait to go to Kyrgyzstan

Now is the best time to travel to Kyrgyzstan. With its visa free regime, there are really no excuses not to go there before the crowds come! Kyrgyzstan is an ideal destination for your vacation, whether it’s to backpack alone or to travel with your family. Its wild landscapes, incredible nature, welcoming population, authentic culture and unique experiences are just a flight away...