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Azimuth Adventure Travel your local agency in Indonesia

Established since 1999 in Yogyakarta, Azimuth Travel is the reference agency for French speaking travellers in Indonesia
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Yogyakarta & Bali
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Selamat Datang! With more than 16,000 islands, you'll have no trouble finding the island of your dreams for your Indonesia vacation! But how to make a choice?

The agency Azimuth Adventure Travel was born in the 90s from an association between the French tour operator Allibert Trekking and Dominique Clarisse, who opened the destination for Allibert Trekking in 1996 and who supervised its first groups in Indonesia.

His passion for Indonesia and his knowledge of the field convinced him to create his own local agency and to offer his own tours off traditional tourist trails. Thus Azimuth Adventure Travel was created in 1999. Dominique specializes in the organization of hiking and discovery tours in Indonesia while collaborating with the greatest French tour operators specializing in adventure tourism. (Land of Adventures, Huwans, Tirawa, Adventure Nomads, etc.).

It is natural that the first agency Azimuth Travel was established in Yogyakarta, the cultural and academic capital of Java. This inspiring and wealthy city allows the entire Azimuth team to think and organize unique and bespoke adventure and travel tours throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

As a true craftsman of travel, it is logical that Azimuth Adventure Travel has decided to expand and open an agency in Bali. Since 2014, Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd has been operating on the island of the gods with its "Bali Circuits" brand, in order to offer discovery stays and give all the opportunity to discover Bali of the most authentic.

Azimuth Adventure Travel: the promise of a journey of discovery and adventure

Azimuth Adventure Travel boasts a range of adventure and discovery itineraries. His passion for treks and his knowledge of the terrain make it unsurprisingly the only French-speaking local agency to offer expeditions to the most remote corners, and still unknown, of Indonesia.

The organization of volcano ascents in Indonesia has no more secrets for the Azimuth team which, every day, is working to offer adapted circuits and climbing routes off the beaten paths of classical tourism. Christophe, your customer advisor, great lover of Indonesia, will not hesitate to lead you to the discovery of an unknown Java, where the local population and the landscapes do not seem to have been reached by the tourist waves. From the meeting of the Asmat people of Papua, in Mentawais, through the "men-flowers" of Siberut, you will discover traditions out of time where civilization seems to have had no impact on its local ethnic groups. The authenticity and simplicity of these trips plunge you into the real daily life of Indonesians and promise you unforgettable memories.

Still unfamiliar with direct travelers, the travel agency Azimuth wants to make the most of its experience and knowledge of the terrain to organize special trips to Indonesia. Azimuth organizes its own small group stays to allow you to discover Indonesia cheaply and in a friendly atmosphere as only the Indonesian people have the secret. The proposed stays, adventures or not, are accessible to all and fill all the desires, of the honeymoon, with the trip in family or between friends

Christophe is also at your disposal to create and adapt a tailor-made trip to fulfill all your desires of Indonesia.


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Call us on +62 (0)274-560-663
Jl. Pandega Marta VI/4 – Catur Tunggal Yogyakarta 55281 Indonésie
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The reviews of our travelers

Our biggest reward, make you discover and love Indonesia
Eric Vaillier wrote on April 10 2020


Franco-Indonesian travel agency recommended by the Green Guide. Very professional. Tours around Yogya and thematic outings in the rest of the archipelago.
Firman Juliansyah wrote on April 10 2020


This is a great tour and travel office on Yogyakarta. Specialized in handling overland tour package for tourists from French and Europe. The atmosphere is cozy and peaceful.
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