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Seripheap your local agency in Cambodia

Established since 2007 in Phnom Penh, Seripheap is the reference agency for French speaking travelers in Cambodia
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Phnom Penh
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Sou sdey! Country at once bruised from its past with the Khmer Rouge and proud of its heritage with the grandiose Angkor, Cambodia has raised its head and is now a flagship destination for a trip to Asia.

Created by Cyrille and Sylvain, two longtime friends and passionate about Asia, Voyage Seripheap (in Khmer, "freedom") is the agency chosen by Nomadays to welcome travelers to Cambodia. Based locally in Phnom Penh, the capital of the kingdom and the nerve center of the transport network, the agency enjoys privileged access to a vast network of French and English speaking guides. Specializing in the design and organization of tailor-made tours, they are adapting to a protean Cambodia that makes the big difference between a cultural heritage and archeological unavoidable whose reputation is second to none and an inexhaustible potential of discoveries authentic off the beaten path. Discovery tours with a variety of different themes are also available for small group departures on fixed dates.

Collaborating with a nebula of local partners, Seripheap Travel allows travelers to experience a unique culture, while offering the best of the country's activities and accommodations.


Cyrille, why is Cambodia a destination that has upset you so much?

Cambodia is above all the country of my ancestors. After a first visit in 1996, not very memorable because of an appendicitis timing well chosen, I really began to return regularly from 2005. Adolescent, I was probably more attracted to the sun, the beautiful pools and the good skewers of seafood on the beach. With time, it is more of a story that we embrace, it is an underlying culture that we finally embrace, that we seek to cohabit with our Western landmarks, it is finally and above all a future we want to contribute.

I am very lucky to be at the confluence of many cultures; any opportunity to share our optimistic and benevolent vision of Cambodia with passing travelers is a privilege.

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#52E1 Street 282, Sangkat BKK1, Phnom Penh CAMBODGE
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The reviews of our travelers

Our greatest reward, make you to discover and love Cambodia
Khéméra NGY wrote on April 10 2020


Very professional and reactive agency. I have reservations for my childhood friends with young children. They responded to all requests and demands regarding children (3 years and 18 months).

Stay Phnom Penh-Kampot-Sihanoukville during 11d.

Thank you! Custom made!

Jean-Charles Lebon wrote on April 10 2020


I come back with my friend from a stay in Cambodia from 2 to 18 November 2018 I contacted SERIPHEAP by chance and do not regret it.

the proposed tour and the organization were perfect and the guides of a great kindness and very competent (Sann SEAKKIN in Phnom Penh - Chun Chean '' Etienne '' in Siem Reap and what to say of Dané Morn our hostess in Kompong Thom !! !!!)
Congratulations to Cyrille and his team that I highly recommend.

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