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Ice festival, the event not to be missed
For it is 17th edition, the Ice festival was held on the frozen waters of Khuvsgul Lake on March 3 and 4. Horseback team brings you back the event in pictures that we hope will please you at most. Despite the bad weather forecast...
15 March 2017
If it turns to be that you are travelling in Mongolia in February, don’t give a miss to Tsagaan Sar, a must-see during your stay. Depending on the Lunar calendar, it will occur early in the month, and be held for 3 days...
25 February 2017
Recently the website (world famous for its travel guidebooks) published its own top 10 countries to visit in 2017. And it is with a great pleasure that Mongolia is proudly represented, ranking 7 on the list!...
7 December 2016

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Your Travel to Mongolia

The nicest travel experiences to make your Mongolian adventure unforgettable

  1. 1.Sharing breeders’ daily life and discovering the unique way of life of Mongolian nomads.
  2. 2.Horse riding in the huge steppes of Mongolia with Mongolian horsemen, and discovering a country in which horses are in the centre of the culture.
  3. 3.Trekking in the high mountains of Altai, in the area of the world that is the farthest from the oceans, where Kazakh falconers live.
  1. 4.Meeting Dukhans, the traditional reindeer breeder ethnic minority living in the darkest depths of taiga, in the extreme North of the country.
  2. 5.Crossing the Gobi, a legendary desert with lunar landscapes, where you’ll discover breathtaking rocky formations, frozen canyons and sand dunes.
  3. 6.Discovering spirituality of Mongolians, between Buddhism and shamanism, a long-lasting culture that has been coming alive again since the fall of communism.